Apex Behavioral Health was created with the idea of offering a seamless continuum of care for people suffering from the disease of alcohol & drug addiction. We accomplish this by offering different levels of care under the roof of one company. So often people suffering from the disease of drug & alcohol addiction enter into some level of treatment for their addiction and along the way they get lost in the shuffle of bodies or they slip through the cracks of treatment. At Apex Behavioral Health we walk you through each level of care with a smooth transition. We have custom treatment plans for all of our guests and believe that no two addict/alcoholics are alike in their disease.  Before we can truly treat the disease; we must fully understand that individual.

Our teams communicate effectively across all levels of treatment so that when you begin the next step of your journey we have a full understanding of who and where you are in that journey. Apex Behavioral Health has one goal, and that is to save as many lives as possible from the devastating disease of addiction.  We do this through personal growth and the belief that life can get better. Hope is such a formidable tool against the ravages of the disease of addiction and we work to instill it in every one of our clients. At Apex Behavioral Health we believe changing is possible and that everyone that walks through our doors for help is a miracle. At Apex Behavioral Health WE GROW PEOPLE